Yanmar’s excavator history started with the launch of world’s first compact excavator to the market in 1971. Since then Yanmar always has taken the lead in the industry by continuous improvement and innovation of new technologies.

Now Yanmar have 2 series of models, “VIO” and “SV”, ranging from 0.8t to 10t class excavators. The “VIO” series are true zero tail swing excavators and the “SV” series are minimal tail swing excavators.

Yanmar excavators are well known and accepted by various kinds of customers from all over the world and the word “Yanmar excavator” became synonymous with power, durable, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly.

Wheel Loaders

Yanmar also offer powerful and efficient wheel loaders with articulated structure that have high maneuverability and make less damage to road surface. Yanmar wheel loaders are being used in all kinds of sites: construction industry, civil engineering, renovation work, landscaping and agriculture.


To complement Yanmar excavator and wheel loader range Yanmar offer carriers. Yanmar carriers can enter narrow places as no dump truck can enter. Strong lower carriage and tracks allow carriers work on uneven ground and in any muddy places.

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