4.5 Ton Mini Excavator


Contracted to enter narrow places and extended to ensure stable work.

Yanmar's Mini Excavator allows ease of access to narrow places and ensures stable workability. Besides, the Mini Excavator is of sturdy construction that prevents itself from wobbling when the undercarriages are widely opened. Moreover, when the distance between the undercarriages is extended, the Mini Excavator forcibly discharges the mud in the sliding pipes, thus performing highly efficient work in any place regardless of the size of the place.

True Zero Tail Swing

Allow efficient operation in tight spaces

Boom-Mounted Light

Guarded from damage

Spring steel cylinder guard protect the cylinder rod

Slim satchel place behind the seat

The cylinder rods on the VIO series boom, arm and bucket are protected by spring steel guards. The guards help prevent inadvertent damage to cylinders.

Back Light LCD Monitor

Display important information such as operating status and problems are shown using lights and buzzers.

Electronically controlled engine

Improved fuel combustion efficiency.

Eco Mode – Control the engine speed for efficiency and greatly reduce fuel consumption.

Auto Deceleration – Switching the operating levers to neutral automatically drops the engine rpm and reduces on both fuel consumption and noise.


Operating Weight (Canopy): 4470 KG

Operating Weight (Cabin): 4650 KG

Engine Model: YANMAR 4TNV88-ZPBV

Engine Output: 27.3 hp ; 2200 RPM

Fuel tank capacity: 66L

Maximum Dumping Height(Bucket moving inwards) : 3870mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 3360mm

**The specs are based on model with rubber track and quick coupler.

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