8 Ton Mini Excavator


ViO80 excavates large areas quickly. Steel tracks gives good stability and True Zero swing helps in confined and narrow areas. The ViO80’s electronic control of engine speed and torque synergizes with the new high efficiency hydraulic system to yield fast activation. This lets you accomplished 10% more work done while greatly decreasing 13% fuel consumption compared to previous model.

True Zero Tail Swing

The body will stay within the machine width. Operator can work efficiently without worrying about tail swing in confined and narrow areas.

Night Work

  • Two front lights on top of the cabin come as standard equipment.
  • Work lamp built into lower part of boom and is protected from breaking

Upward blower

Upward blower grill ventilates at an upward angle, keeping hot exhaust gas away from surrounding workers

New Roomier ROPS/OPG Cabin

  • High strength and high rigidity ROPS
  • Sturdy cabin as it confirms to OPG level 1 standard.
  • Better visibility
  • Larger foot pedals
  • Low noise cabin (73dB(A))

Easy Access for Simple Maintenance

Wide opening rear hood open without special tools for easier check maintenance of the engine area and clean the radiator.


  • When there is no control input for 4 seconds, the engine drops to idle RPMs
  • Upon any control input, the engine immediately returns to the selected RPMs
  • Auto-Deceleration saves fuel and is quieter
  • Larger foot pedals
  • Auto-Deceleration can be turned off/on with toggle switch

ECO Mode

  • ECO Mode will reduce engine RPMs 10% when activated
  • Can be deactivated with toggle switch when more power is needed and reactivated for fuel savings when conditions return to normal
  • Saves fuel, lowers operating costs

Automatic Shifting 2 Speed Travel

  • Travel motors automatically upshifts as speed increases
  • Automatically downshifts when load increases
  • Can be locked in low speed for operation in tight spaces

Operating Weight : 8225 KG

Engine Model: YANMAR 4TNV98-ZWBV1

Engine Output: 54.6 hp ; 2000 RPM

Fuel tank capacity: 115L

Maximum Dumping Height(Bucket moving inwards)  : 7250mm

Maximum Digging Depth: 4380mm

**The specs are based on model with rubber track and quick coupler.

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